• UX designer & self-quantifier


  • « Carolina was a fantastic designer to work with. A great eye for detail, a solid understanding of interaction design and a personality that made it easy for her to collaborate with developers and client side managers alike. Respected and published in the field, it would be great to work with her again. »
    « One of the most talented designers I have had the pleasure of working with. She strikes the rare balance of Information Architecture and Interaction Design thinking with an incredible eye for clarity and elegance in her information design. She is incredibly methodical, and yet still works quicker than most senior designers with decades more experience. A rare and versatile talent whether you are doing dynamic data visualisation, user interface design, or information and print work. »
  • 317

    Data Visualisation

    Information Designer

    A self-initiated project, 317 is an exploration of how emotionally close versus how geographically close the people I have met in my life are to me. Selected to appear in the Adobe Museum of Digital Media and published in information design books across the globe.
  • " It is a stark and unexpected statement on how relationships in this digital era are linked inextricably to the way we choose to communicate."
    — Thomas Goetz

  • 317 infographic
    Each ring represents a person, and each colour represents the countries where I’ve met them. The rings on the left are the people who are emotionally closest to me, and to the right are the ones less close.
    317 infographic
    The ‘staying in touch’ graph reveals how often I communicate with each person, whether face-to-face, phone, email or Facebook.

    Branding and Identity

    Creative Director & Founder

    In charge of the branding, identity and development for a newly established Norwegian lifestyle brand, including physical signage, point of sale, packaging, website and ongoing communications. The entire concept was based on the Norwegian vowel Ø. The aesthetics is clean and modern, with a hint of craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  • The Creators Club branding
    Stationary: Business cards
    The Creators Club branding
    The Creators Club branding
    Fully responsive ecommerce platform

    Interaction Design & Data Visualisation

    Information designer

    Created during Startup Weekend Oslo, Lifelines is a self-tracking app that projects how you feel on top of what you do. Selected as one of the finalists, this project involved the entire design process from business development, user research, sketching, rapid prototyping and design in just 56 hours.
  • Lifelines
    User interface design
    Rapid prototyping

    UX Design

    Visual Designer

    As part of one of the largest UX teams in Europe designing a new trading platform/RIA for a large investment bank, I was the visual designer responsible for analytics and complex data visualisations across the platform. I was also involved in the definition of the visual language and helped to create and maintain the visual style guide.
  • To learn more, watch the brand video

    Branding and identity

    Graphic Designer

    A brand identity proposal for a global conference focusing on innovation across industries and trends. By using real-time data, the proposed brand identity visualised the exchanges of conversations between individuals and their impact on the overall network of attendees.
  • FEI
    The logo is modified and transformed in an organic manner as more and more people contribute to the conversation
    This visualization gives an overview of the whole conversation network

    Data Visualisation

    Information Designer

    A detailed study of personal food consumption from February 1st to March 31st, 2010. Selected to be published on Visual Complexity: Mapping Circles and Radial Structures in 2014.
  • 56 Days worth of food
    This visualisation deals with the food I eat the most ranked by quantity eaten versus calorie content of each food
    Zoomed in view of most consumed food items
    56 days worth of food
    Breakdown of my daily consumption into main nutrients and also a comparison between calorie intake versus perceived happiness
    56 days worth of food
    Zoomed in view of nutrients consumed versus recommended amounts